Aquaculture Global AI Platform for Europe’s Skill Passport.

Aquaculture Global AI Platform for Europe’s Skill Passport.

Teach your family to have an healthy relationship with food.

Milena marzano


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Milena Marzano

Project coordinator

Promoting the transition from the ordinary aquaculture market to a circular economy approach in the aquaculture field on reskilling processes and awareness of cross knowledge while answering to an effective market demand of competencies.


Three Pillars of AGAPE



AGAPE will develop capacity building programs at individual, regional and sectoral levels to develop and reinforce skills and promote responsible and sustainable practices in the aquaculture sector.



AGAPE will enhance the innovation capability using AI metrics and algorithms, for matchmaking skills in sustainable aquaculture ecosystems.



AGAPE aims to improve the perception and acceptance of aquaculture development, through the implementation of formal engagement towards more effective communication systems among stakeholders.

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AGAPE Beneficiaries

Sustainable Jobs in Aquaculture


Innovators, entrepreneurs & local businesses

AGAPE will enable them to co-develop world-class solutions to aquaculture challenges, create growth and skilled jobs.

people head hunter

Job seekers, students, talent recruiters

AGAPE will help them build upon existing skills (upskill) or gain new skills (reskill) needed in the aquaculture industry.


Policy makers, NGOs, regions, cities

AGAPE will support them in reaching SDGs and reducing unemployment.

AGAPE contribution to EU Blue Growth

The projects is designed to improve the health of oceans, build stronger coastal environments and boost blue economic activity trough the creation of a catalogue of certified competences in Aquaculture as part of Blue Economy sector in the following key sectors:

costal development

Sustainable coastal development

AGAPE helps protect coasts from flooding and erosion, rehabilitate degraded coasts, restore coral reefs and improve water quality.

substainable fishing

Sustainable seafood production

AGAPE works towards improve competences and skills that help businesses produce seafood sustainably. This can include fisheries, aquaculture or the processing and preservation of seafood.

green shipping

Green shipping

AGAPE promotes the reduction of emission and improvement of existing ships with green technologies that are better for the environment.

blue bioeconomy

Blue Biotechnology

AGAPE supports the development new marine biotechnology products, such as medicines, enzymes, biosensors and ingredients for food.

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