Fish farming guides and new technologies

Newly published research has determined the "golden stocking density" for fish farming, striking a balance between fish welfare and farmers needs.
Access2sea Aquaculture Guide
28 July, 2022
By Bert Popping

Significant efforts have been made to develop new methodologies for the aquaculture industry to make it more sustainable, but also allow more precise farming and reduce cost.

As part of the Access2Sea project financed by the European Regional Development Fund a new guide on how to set up an on-shore aquaculture site with sea water supply was developed.

A research project funded by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology and European Social Funds calculated the golden stocking density for fish farming, aiming to strike a balance between fish welfare and farmers’ perspectives. The research results have been published by the Portuguese and Spanish experts as part of the dissemination activities and are available as open-access manuscript.

These developments demonstrate that there is a high dynamic in the aquaculture industry, requiring workers and experts to have different skills from the traditional ones. This existing gap is addressed by the EIT-Food-funded AGAPE project that seeks support this transition by developing a platform to close existing skill gaps through up-skilling and re-skilling of the workforce and those coming from other industry segments.

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