2023 – European year of skills

In her recent State of the Union speech, Ursula von der Leyen proposed 2023 to be the European Year of Skill. Learn how the EIT Food-funded AGAPE project can contribute.
2023 European Year of Skills
19 September, 2022
By Bert Popping

At the most recent State of the Union (#SOTU), Ursula von der Leyen highlighted the significant shortages of skilled labour in Europe, and she proposed to make 2023 the European Year of Skills. This fits perfectly with the EIT Food funded AGAPE Project which aims to provide an artificial intelligence-supported platform that not only allows to identify matching jobs in aquaculture but is able to suggest courses to close skill gaps and advise on a career path. With aquaculture being one of the most important industry segments for food production, AGAPE’s platform will substantially contribute to closing the existing skill gaps.

Image source: European Commission Tweet

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