AGAPE – Showcase in the EIT Food aquaculture program

AGAPE featured by EIT Food to contribute to the sustainability and resilience of the aquaculture sector.
EIT Food Aquaculture Showcase Report
5 January, 2022
By Agape

EIT Food has published the report of the Aquaculture Showcase event, where the winners of EIT Food’s 2021 aquaculture competition presented their respective projects. Among them, the AGAPE project was presented by our consortium partners Bert Popping and Milena Marzano.

This EIT Food program aims at helping the aquaculture sector to become more sustainable and efficient while addressing several of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Aquaculture has been identified as a key food system in addressing several of the UN targets around the ocean, land, climate change, sustainable consumption and production, but always with a strong drive to end hunger and poverty. As highlighted at the 2021 UN Food Systems Summit, there is a greater understanding of how sustainable seafood can meaningfully contribute to and be at the heart of global food systems.

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