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Meeting of the European Agriculture and Fisheries Council on September 14-16

By |2022-09-10T21:24:47+02:0012 September, 2022|Aquaculture|

The next, informal, meeting of the Ministers responsible for Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fisheries in Europe will take place from September 14-16 in Prague, Czech Republic.

Andy Zynga emphasises the importance of aquaculture innovation

By |2022-09-03T17:09:44+02:005 September, 2022|Aquaculture|

To feed the world, alternative protein sources are needed. Andy Zynga, CEO of EIT Food was interviewed by CNBC and highlighted the need for sustainability and innovation in the aquaculture industry, focusing on alternative protein sources like seaweed and algae.

How AI can help estimate aquaculture production and value chain performance

By |2022-08-26T12:48:14+02:0026 August, 2022|Aquaculture|

Artificial intelligence is a key component that can be used in many industry segments, including aquaculture. Here we provide two examples where AI can improve processes in this segment.

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