Aquaculture and food safety

The book "Present Knowledge in Food Safety", to be published by Elsevier, will have three chapters on aquaculture, including the discussion on the use and abuse of veterinary drugs and the detection of their residues.
20 June, 2022
By Carmen Diaz-Amigo

The new book „Present Knowledge in Food Safety” will be published in September of this year (2022). It has been co-edited by Dr. Bert Popping – partner in the EIT Food-funded AGAPE project –, Dr. Michael Knowles, Dr. Lucia Anelich and Professor Alan Boobis. The book contains a section dedicated to aquaculture: “Changes in the chemical composition of food throughout the various stages of the food chain: fishing and aquaculture”.

  • Professor Ana Gago discusses natural toxicants, including marine biotoxins, in fish and shellfish
  • Martin Rose explains pollutants, residues, and other contaminants in foods obtained from marine and fresh water, including aquaculture
  • George Rigos and Dr. Dimitra Kogiannou discuss the use and abuse of veterinary drugs in aquaculture.

The book with the ISBN 978-0-12-819470-6 will be published by Elsevier and further details are available on their website.

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