Balancing aquaculture expansion and environmental impact

Margrethe Aanesen and colleagues present the results of a choice experiment survey that looks at the balance of aquaculture expansion and environmental impact among Norwegians.
6 December, 2022
By Bert Popping

Norway is one of the key countries in Europe when it comes to aquaculture production. This industry is growing very rapidly and is set to expand further, with substantial increases in production over the next decades. On the one hand, this will contribute to global food security and create jobs locally, but it is likely to, on the other hand, massively impact the marine environment. A manuscript by Margrethe Aanesen and colleagues presents the results of a choice experiment survey. The researchers asked Norwegians about the trade-offs between salmon production and job creation and the detrimental impacts on the marine environment. They found that support for large aquaculture expansion is higher among people who consume farmed salmon frequently and those living in areas with a high density of aquaculture farms. The researchers postulate that their research may be useful for public planners as they consider expanding the blue economy.  One further aspect to consider is that different types of jobs will be required for the rapidly evolving aquaculture industry. And here, the EIT Food funded AGAPE project can contribute with its platform to match industry skills needs with the profiles of registered members, as well as suggesting training for reskilling and upskilling.

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