Crab batteries?

Can crabs be used to produce batteries from sustainable materials? Researchers demonstrated that they can. Building a battery that contains material from crab shells, they developed a high-performance, rechargeable battery.
14 September, 2022
By Bert Popping

While the phonetics seem funny (and many of us have experienced low-quality batteries), there is ongoing research how the shells of crabs can be used to produce sustainable batteries. The research team of Liangbing Hu from the University of Maryland (U.S.A.) has developed a rechargeable battery using sustainable materials from crab shells, the chitosan. While common rechargeable batteries use aqueous Zn-metal form Zn-dendrites, the novel formulation of  Zn-coordinated chitosan (chitosan-Zn) electrolyte does not. In addition, the Zn anode shows exceptional cycling stability and rate performance, with a high Coulombic efficiency. The full batteries show excellent long-term cycling stability. The full article (not open access) can be found here. So next time you eat the Maryland blue crabs, save the shells!

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