EUMOFA publishes EU blue bioeconomy report

EUMOFA publishes EU blue bioeconomy report. It provides and overview of recent developments of different algae systems and seaweed, and an outlook on seaweed farming to transform regional economies.
24 January, 2023
By Bert Popping

This report is different from the EU blue economy report 2022 from DG MARE that we reported about in June 2022. This report was generated by EUMOFA, the European Market Observatory for Fisheries and Aquaculture, and was published earlier this month (January 2023).  This organization was created by the European Commission with the purpose of improving market transparency and examining how the EU markets are evolving, as well as aiding with data-driven decision-making. The Blue Bioeconomy is a concept that covers any activities that use renewable aquatic life resources to generate products. This could include food, feed, supplements, drugs, cosmetics, fabrics, and energy. The European Market Observatory for Fisheries and Aquaculture Products (EUMOFA) publishes this report every two years, providing a synopsis of the EU’s Blue economy.

The EU 2022 blue bioeconomy report has identified numerous key findings. They include the cultivation of micro- and macroalgae, a new development that is still in its early stages in Europe; the regulations for seaweed farming and harvesting that are not yet harmonised; and “Aquaculture 4.0”, i.e. the use of digital technologies such as Information Technology, Internet of Things and real-time automated and robotic responses to monitor and analyse large-scale systems and facilities that are predicted to become more common.

The full report of EUMOFA is open access and available from their website.

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