How AI can help estimate aquaculture production and value chain performance

Artificial intelligence is a key component that can be used in many industry segments, including aquaculture. Here we provide two examples where AI can improve processes in this segment.
Artificial intelligence
26 August, 2022
By Bert Popping

The fact that EIT Food-funded the AGAPE project demonstrates the importance of using AI-based techniques for different aspects in the aquaculture industry. In the case of AGAPE it is an AI-based platform to match skills and jobs and enable workers to upskill and reskill as necessary for the industry segment.

But AI can be used for numerous other aspects in the aquaculture industry. A recently completed project  under the United States Government “Global Hunger & Food Security Initiative “Feed the Future” was  funded by USAID. It  deployed machine learning to estimate aquaculture production and value chain performance.  The two-year project had three main components: a) a survey of 1100 farmers, fish traders, supplier and hatcheries, b) to extract and analyse data on aquaculture from remotely sensing images; to combine these with the survey data to estimate aquacultures’ contribution to the regional economy and nutrition, and c) the development of capacity. How the machine learning element was deployed in this project can be seen in this video. It explains in detail the machine learning process and its application to aquaculture.

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