How to net sustainable aquaculture?

Rumaitha Al Busaidi presents her view of how a future, sustainable, aquaculture industry can be created. Read how the EIT Food-funded AGAPE project can contribute its share.
Salmon farm
8 December, 2022
By Bert Popping

In her opinion piece, Rumaitha Al Busaidi describes her view how the aquaculture industry could become sustainable in the future. Al Busaidi, the group manager of business innovation of Fisheries Development Oman postulates five ways:

  1. To move inland and use recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS)
  2. To move offshore to use not only the coastal areas for fish farming (we recently reported about the Norwegian offshore farm)
  3. To utilise multi-trophic aquaculture, where the byproducts from the feed used for the target species become the feed source for the filter feeders, thereby reducing waste accumulation and improving water quality
  4. To invest in new renewable energy sources, e.g. using wind turbines with installations for shellfish and macroalgae aquaculture
  5. To eat sustainable seafood, meaning consuming only fish that was raised and caught sustainably and which does not damage the ecosystem.

The entire article by Rumaitha Al Busaidi can be found here. What remains unaddressed in his article is the need to educate workers and managers in the aquaculture industry to drive these changes, but also to make employees fit for future jobs in this industry. And this is where the EIT Food-funded AGAPE project can contribute with its upskilling and reskilling job platform.

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