New developments in aquaculture

Optimising growing conditions for tilapia in tanks and an innovation of a recirculation aquaculture system are new developments in aquaculture science. See how the EIT-funded AGAPE project can also contribute.
12 August, 2022
By Bert Popping

In the post earlier this week we discussed sustainability for the aquaculture industry in the context of the strategic guidance at European Commission level.

There are additional develops that are worth mentioning, even though some of them are not in Europe. However, the novel and innovative technologies deployed can equally be used by aquaculture companies in Europe.

Here are some of the highlights:

Research was conducted on optimal growing conditions for tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) in tanks. The researchers looked as variables like growth responses and Feed Conversion Rate, but also assessed the total production of the culture unit. They found that the selection of the feed and the feeding frequency had a major impact on the growth rate of the fish.

NaturalShrimp Inc., an aquaculture biotechnology company, last year acquired Hydrenesis Aquaculture. Hydrenesis invented a patented recirculation aquaculture system that has the ability to positively affect water chemistry and improve water quality. This was recently successfully trialled on an aquaculture farm in Texas.

Both solutions strive to make the aquaculture industry sustainable and more competitive. And while these are not European developments like those we reported about earlier this week, it is well in line with the new strategic guidance of the European Commission to make the aquaculture industry more competitive and sustainable. And these solutions can principally be deployed in European aquafarms as well.

To manage these novel processes and technologies, new types of jobs with skill sets different from those traditionally found in the aquaculture industry need to be created. Finding and training the workforce to fit into these jobs can be helped by platforms like the one the AGAPE project aims to develop. This EIT Food-funded project is looking to develop an AI-based platform for upskilling and reskilling to match the workforce skills from within the aquaculture segment as well as those from other segments to the jobs that are required in a transitioning industry.

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